Strickler Signs provides turn-key indoor digital signage solutions in addition to traditional outdoor LED signs. We design, plan, and engineer interior display projects for our clients providing comprehensive indoor and outdoor advertising solutions. Outdoor Electronic LED Signage Solutions

Digital Screens

Our technicians provide the PC Player and software to run the content to the digital screen, we provide and install the screens, we create quality custom content for your screens, and setup remote content management. We can provide ongoing content management to our customers. From initial design through ongoing digital content management Strickler provides the custom turn-key solution you need.

We can provide everything from Video Walls to Digital Menu Boards and just about anything your team or ours can dream up. We use both LCD and LED solutions depending on the needs required for the project. We are an authorized Planar dealer and have certified planar installers on staff. We are experienced with the Clarity Matrix architecture and the Mosaic architecture. Planar is just one of the many brands of screens we provide.

Planar Dealer

We only sell commercial grade products and have vetted many different screens, players, PCs, and content delivery solutions. We can provide stand alone solutions or cloud/network based solutions. Our talented art team with 21 years of experience is skilled in many forms of animation and video production techniques to deliver whatever content you may need.

Consider Strickler Signs as your vendor for Digital Signage, Outdoor Signage, and LED Lighting. Realize savings on your overall on-premise investment by choosing one, reputable vendor that’s been delivering on its promises since 1972.

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Outdoor Electronic LED Signage Solutions

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