Increase Sales by 15-20% with On Premise Advertising

“Strickler Signs has done outstanding signage work for our stores in South York and Downtown Lancaster. Our new signage at South York, immediately off the I-83 exit has boosted sales at this store by 20%!”
Alan R. Jacobs
Vice President of Development
Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli

Did you realize that every car that passes by your place of business is an impression? Some may be everyday commuters while others are just passing through your town. If you know marketing than you know you need repeat impressions. Imagine 2 per commuter going to work times your traffic count. When we talk about impressions we usually think of print advertising or online advertising. Most do not consider an on-premise sign to be a marketing tool.

Did you realize this direct market of vehicles passing by every day yields far more impressions than print advertising? How much are you spending right now in print advertising? How effective is it? What are you paying per impression? The cost per impression with a sign is far less than print. Likely print advertising is an endless ongoing investment for you also.

What if you could put up a permanent billboard at your place of business that is a one-time investment and pays for itself rather quickly? What if you could control and change the content on this sign electronically in real time? Run specials, speak directly to your local audience, and put up a call to action to get their attention.

“Our recent addition of your digital sign is a 100% enhancement to Hanover Dodge’s business reputation and product line. It’s appearance and design along with it’s location at the traffic light makes us recognizable and allows us to reach our clientele and prospective customers with “Instant Messaging” of our Chrysler products. Our satisfaction with this digital sign is well above our expectations!”

Tom Livelsberger
Hanover Dodge

We have proven to our customers time and again that we can increase their sales by 15-20% by causing more of this road audience to take notice and stop in to our customers place of business. We educate our clients on good marketing strategy and proper use of their new electronic sign. We teach our clients how to create good content so they can be successful. If you already have a electronic sign are you using it to its fullest potential? Are you getting the maximum ROI?

Our solutions are turn-key, we handle all the details for our clients including permit procurement. Our Signs are also custom built for your business and your budget.

We will gladly prove what we are saying by parking our EMC Truck (mobile electronic sign) in front of your place of business for FREE to demonstrate the increase in business you can expect.

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