Upgrade to LEDs and Save up to 64%

The engineers at Strickler Signs have been working with LED Technology for over 15 years. Strickler Signs offers turn-key, on-premise, indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Increase foot traffic while saving money on your annual cost of operation. We sell and install quality indoor and outdoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, and retail businesses. We provide quality LED Fixtures. We provide you with a “light map” layout, ROI calculations, and we even process your utility rebate.

Why Switch to LED Lighting?

  • LED Lights are far more energy efficient, saving on your cost of electricity
  • LED Lights are nearly maintenance free saving on the cost of upkeep
  • LED Lights last far longer than traditional lights
  • LED Lights are brighter than traditional lights
  • LED Lights make your premise and your products look more professional
  • A brighter parking lot helps your customers feel safer
  • LED Lights are environmentally friendly

Why Choose Strickler Signs as your commercial lighting vendor?

  • Strickler Signs has a reputation of providing superior quality products and service since 1972.
  • The products we install are American Made and meet our high quality standards.
  • We have the equipment, experience, and personnel to install indoor & outdoor lighting products.
  • We have over 15 years of experience with LED Technology and our engineers have vetted the technology.
  • Strickler properly disposes the old bulbs. We comply with regulations saving you possible costly litigation.
  • We can provide a one-stop, turn-key solution for your on premise interior & exterior signage and lighting needs.
  • A complete signage & lighting package from Strickler means reliability and savings for you by choosing one vendor.

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If you also need a custom sign or sign lighting for your place of business visit Our Sign Portfolio.
Strickler also provides sign installation and sign repair service.

To find out more about complete turn-key packages for your business or organization and how you can save up to 64%,
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