Bank monument sign with EMC

” I am not exactly sure how much our business has increased at that branch, but I feel confident we have had a sustained 10% increase in business since you installed the message center”. That statement was made by a bank president referring to an existing branch where all we did was add an electronic LED message center to their sign. Please think about it, a permanent 10% increase in sales. How many changes can you make to increase foot traffic by 10% without adding staff or greatly increasing your advertising budget? Ten percent is rather mild actually, we have many testimonials with our customers crediting a message center with increasing their volume as much as 50%. The typical ROI for a sign is 2-4 years and when a message center is added it drops to 9-24 months. Considering a high quality domestic message center has a 10-15 year lifespan, well, you can calculate the real profit these advertising tools provide!


Electric highway sign with LED message center

Message Center Advertising Benefits List

  • Using colored photos draws attention to your branch
  • Daypart advertising
  • Ability to advertise special rates and promotions
  • Promote community events
  • New messages can be easily added in a few seconds of programming
  • Ability to control the messages on all signs from one computer
  • Promote website
  • Use colored photos to help promote home and vehicle loans
  • Heightened “top of mind” awareness

I will finish with a quote from a bank that utilizes message centers at all of their branches where local zoning allows. “It’s amazing to see how the offices with the LED signs tend to open more accounts than the offices without the sign, especially when we are advertising rate driven products on the message centers.


W. J. Strickler Signs