When was the last time you looked at a sign? More than likely it was a minute ago while you were searching for a restroom, driving down a street or simply walking through your place of work. Although we often do not think about it, signs provide us with a sense of direction that we have come to depend on.


In fact, a world without signs would be quite disastrous. How would we travel, buy our groceries, or know where we were or where we were going at any given moment? Life would inevitably become meaningless for mankind today. Can you imagine wandering the streets of New York City with not one sign in sight? The Big Apple would become a chaotic mass of damaged yellow taxis, lost pedestrians, and total madness. Even if you had a map in hand, how would you find your way through the largest city in America with no landmarks?

Today, signs have become an integral part of society and how the world functions. Although human’s first attempt to convey their thoughts and observations upon the world began with painted cave drawings, later the formation of alphabets and more advanced forms of writing would emerge around the world.  Due to the innate desire within all human beings to know and understand their surroundings, the most natural way to fulfill this need would be through the creation of signs, whether they be entirely visual or in a written form. What may have started as a dangling wooden sign above a tavern centuries ago, has evolved into the incessant bright neon signs that we know today.

The signs that advertise our businesses or line our streets are something that we take for granted. Many aspects of our world would prove meaningless without them. They provide a way for us to communicate with one another and have fulfilled their role as destination markers along our paths of life for as long as we can remember.

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Signs: Why We Need Them

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