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For almost 50 years, Strickler has been providing unmatched design services, quality products, project management, and customer service within the digital signage industry. From using the best materials for fabrication to employing the most highly creative and skilled talent in the nation, Strickler is well positioned to continue serving clients where needs meet action.

From pre-visualization drawings and animations to completed project, Strickler is unique, in that, we offer a fully managed, turn-key solution for your branding message. Our goal has always been to make sure that our customers' branding is of the highest quality and that their message is always on point.

One thing we know: our journey starts with you!

Our amazing journey so far . . .

We have never looked better.

Signage. Design. Branding. Content. Fabrication. Installation.

Since 1972

Certified COSTARS Supplier | Registered SAMs Contractor
Located at 3999 Carlisle Pike | New Oxford | PA | 17350

Trusted, certified, and awarded by partners

Trusted, certified, and awarded by partners

Proudly serving internationally.

"We help you design your future."

Whether it is a client's brand or an employee's career path, Strickler works towards their betterment by focusing on superior quality, integrity, creativity, and craftsmanship. Strickler ensures that everyone we interact with is shown the same attention to detail and a one-on-one experience that is very hard to find in a company of this size and reach.

At Strickler, we make it a point to always do what we feel is in our client's, as well as our employee's best interests, in order to make sure that they are ready for the next level in their journey, whatever project or path that may be.

Trusted and certified by national and international brands

Trusted and certified by national and international brands

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3999 Carlisle Pike | New Oxford | PA | 17350