STRICKLER understands that an outdoor, digital or physical sign is only good as the content it provides for viewers. With that in mind, STRICKLER is one of the few companies that offers content creation and management services to clients through specific package deals and affordable hourly rates.
STRICKLER has the production capabilities, engineering background, state-of-the-art tools and machinery along with skills needed to fabricate the absolute best representation for your branding on-time and within budget.
So much goes into the outdoor signage experience whether it is permitting applications, zoning boards and commissions, county, city and neighborhood rules and regulations in addition to all the logistics, engineering and planning involved, STRICKLER has you covered.
At STRICKLER we truly understand that a relationship shouldn't end after installation, or product delivery, which is why we offer packaged services for continued support, maintenance, and repairs, as well as creation and management of content.
It takes a highly skilled team to install a product that can weigh many thousands of pounds safely, effectively and efficiently. STRICKLER has nearly 50 years of experience doing just that - on-time and within budget.
Highly skilled and uniquely creative, our design team consistently turns out amazing outdoor signage. Although we excel at designing the simple and clean, custom is definitely a sweet spot for STRICKLER.
Although this is a part of what STRICKLER handles in the Project Management aspect, it is important to understand that everything you do for your branding outdoors must meet strict codes, rules, and guidelines - every project must be surveyed for accuracy and permitted.

Trusted and certified by national and international brands

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